Wiesje Kuijpers is a freelance television producer, documentary researcher and journalist. Over the last ten years she has contributed to a wide variety of TV series and documentaries, both national and international.

Wiesje has worked for many public broadcasters, as well as commercial production houses and cultural institutions. A lot of her work takes place abroad and on location.

For one of her favourite projects she travelled into the hinterlands of Papua New Guinea on the trail of a 19th century severed head. It was part of the documentary series O’Hanlons Helden (O’Hanlons Heroes), which won the prestigious Dutch award Nipkow Schijf.

In Het Was Oorlog (Morality During War) - another one of her favourites - she researched previously untold Dutch World War Two stories. She interviewed experts and tracked down surviving family members, many of who had never spoken to the media before. The series received great critical acclaim.

Wiesje has an eye for a story and a talent for translating complex content into compelling television. Her passion is making historical, science or socioeconomic documentaries and TV series that centre on a strong narrative and/or personal perspective. 

Please contact Wiesje on: wiesje@wiesjekuijpers.nl